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Large infrastructure projects in the North of Brazil face unique challenges, such as the lack of skilled labor and suppliers and logistics. Control Tec is putting its team at the service of the region, participating in the modernization of seven airports located in Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia and Acre.

Our partner VINCI Airports won the concession to operate the airports of the so-called North Block and is making a huge investment in these ventures located in Manaus/AM, Tefé/AM, Tabatinga/AM, Boa Vista/RR, Porto Velho/RO, Rio Branco/ AC and Cruzeiro do Sul/AC.

The works aim to provide more comfort and safety to users, improving the flow of passengers and the facilities of the terminals, as well as carrying out infrastructure works at the air side of these airports, in order to comply with ANAC regulations.

VINCI, a French giant with 15,000 employees that operates 53 airports in 12 countries, hired Control Tec to manage the bidding structure, including contracting strategies, CAPEX Analysis, supplier selection and risk management within the strictest technical and environmental standards.


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