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Control Tec has recognized expertise in construction management in the sectors of:


    Shoppings Centers;

  • Retail (large chain stores and supermarkets);

  • Industries;

  • Hospitals;

  • Distribution centers;

  • Residential and Commercial developments;

  • Infrastructure Projects.

Technical Studies and Analysis
  • Technical and financial feasibility analysis for land purchase for Projects deployment;

  • Technical reports formulation of civil survey and existing facilities enterprises evaluation;

  • Cost estimates preparation for enterprises in development stage.

Project Management and Technical Coordination
  • Hiring architecture designers and complementary;

  • Administrative and financial documentation control;

  • Architectural and complementary projects coordination;

  • Physical and financial schedules development;

  • Compatible material delivery for the work execution;

  • Cost estimates and budgets preparation for each project phase.

Project Development
  • Architectural and complementary projects elaboration and compatible material, for work execution;

  • Executive projects development from Conceptual Design to international projects;

Planning and Budget
  • Planning: Physical and financial schedules development, implementation plan focusing on the best engineering techniques performance ensuring budget compliance stipulated by the client at all stages, from design specifications to building systems;

  • Budget: Cost and budgets estimates for projects and works for all the project phases;

Management Construction
  • Management of all the necessary steps to control the smooth progress of work, with administrative routines, technical and financial, focusing on meeting deadlines, scope, quality and costs.

  • For this service implementation Control Tec provides a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in similar projects working in all areas of the Development.

Infrastructure Projects
  • Functional projects drafting, advisory and validation;

  • Project coordination;

  • Projects compatibilization and final approval.

Shopkeepers Implantation Management

Management of all the necessary steps required for the stores implantation, to inaugurate the Shopping Center, including: Technical Manuals coordination;

  • Stores Projects coordination;

  • Follow-up of the stores works execution;

  • Development of shell-specific plants (perimeter location and utility points);

  • Validation of the shopkeepers projects, through specialized consultants;

  • Monthly monitoring Reports.

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